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"Maybe, but until Christianity, the secular world DIDN'T produce any of these things, and many of these things didn't come into being until Christianity was embraced."

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Gashicage | 12.03.2018
"there is plenty of proof that Christians have played positive roles in societal changes that would factually prove you wrong."
Voodoor | 15.03.2018
You admit that life is very implausible. How implausible is it?
Gokree | 22.03.2018
SiiRobertson's Snatch Operates On Big Black Cock.
Zugrel | 27.03.2018
Except of course what you just claimed is pure speculation and not backed by reality.
Zulkigrel | 03.04.2018
Don't judge me, Tex! Lol!
Samutaur | 11.04.2018
This is what happens in a country where you're not permitted to be too tough on gun crime.
Grosida | 12.04.2018
Who is debating? It seems a valid question.
Zulusida | 17.04.2018
I don't know if you watch "Closer To Truth," but in several episodes, Kuhn discusses the concept of "infinity" with people in different areas of expertise; scientists, theologians, philosophers, etc. Fascinating stuff.
Kazigrel | 24.04.2018
Most atheists are not anti anything, they don't see any evidence for a god of any sort so do believe that theists of all stripes are wasting their time.m However most of us have friends, relatives, close relatives who are, in our case, Christian. These tend to be, in my experience, moderate in their views.
Tygokus | 03.05.2018
...because you think that 50 Shades of Graaay is a sexy, romantic movie...
Yosar | 07.05.2018
Ah, thank you. Context and response is always helpful.
Malakazahn | 17.05.2018
The historicity of Jesus has more proof and grounding than that of Aristotle or Plato. Do you read books about how they didn't physically exist. Or take Napoleon. There is more historicity in Christ than that of Napoleon. Do you doubt Napoleon existed.
Zolobei | 27.05.2018
......except when it states that ''tomorrow, for example, it's gonna rain cats AND dogs'' ! ! ^o^
Zulugore | 30.05.2018
And self cancelling. If I can't imagine something entirely new (unique and unfathomable, presumably, since non-existent before my discovery / creation / introduction of him,) and I've imagined God, then God must not be new, but merely a version of things that already exist. We understand what a creator is and what reality is and imagine a creator outside of reality. (Creating and reality already exist.) I'm thinking of something I can't even imagine, therefore it exists. How real is that? The more real you need him to be, the more you need to rely on your imagination to make it all up.
Mazutilar | 02.06.2018
It doesn't? It's basic English grammar.
Daim | 10.06.2018
It was true. period. I will make more discussions about Islam, mods haven't beaten me yet. It is FAR too under discussed.
Bagis | 20.06.2018
We can't have a constructive disagreement?
Arashirr | 29.06.2018
someone likes a lipstick ring around the dong! ATTENTION EVERYONE!!
Desperate gay hustler
Desperate gay hustler
Desperate gay hustler

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