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Asa Akira lesbian fun

"That's incidental. They were dictators because they were totalitarian, autocratic, etc. Otherwise every single atheist would be dictatorial."

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Juzil | 05.03.2018
"I don't need the "no true Scotsman" fallacy."
Faesho | 09.03.2018
There's someone with a handy graphic of 20 (24?) logical fallacies. Couldn't you just construct a different argument for God from each one, and then see if there are any missing?
Tygonris | 11.03.2018
And some are brainwashed to think it is already fully human as a one cell big zygote. They are the ones who not want to think about it.
Kecage | 18.03.2018
that's a bit off topic from what i was responding to and not really relevant to me.
Goltitaxe | 24.03.2018
With a plurality of world religions, it is not today a matter of whether God exists, but which God exists. christian, Jewish, Muslim, Sikh, Bahai, Mormon, Hindu, and so on. How do you prove which God is the true God that exists. I am not sure I know all the answers to these questions, but I think I have learned the best answer for why the christian God is the true God.
Yorg | 30.03.2018
DJ Khaled said what?
Zulmaran | 05.04.2018
Awww, not what people usually say about me
Zululkree | 10.04.2018
Great to hear.
Brasho | 18.04.2018
I went to a private law school. It is no longer open. The owner passed away a few years back.
Nishicage | 24.04.2018
Where do laws come from? Aren't they based on peoples' perceptions of moral behavior? Why is it illegal for you to kill? Because science says so? Who are you to tell other people where they may or may not get their moral understanding from? Aren't you acting a bit totalitarian?
Tauzragore | 04.05.2018
There are many women who die in childbirth, and many where their death can be easily predicted.
Moogugami | 07.05.2018
Okay... let me retract. I'm not comparing Vonnegut to Beetle Bailey and Marmaduke. He is better than that.
Grokazahn | 09.05.2018
Nothing was sacrificed though.
Mudal | 14.05.2018
the drama teacher bought us one
Daisar | 24.05.2018
Mikataur | 02.06.2018
It is. Do you need to cry about it? Take your whining and trolling and go sop it up in a big box of tissues.
Jura | 04.06.2018
Nothing I posted is untrue. However, I hear ya.
Shatilar | 10.06.2018
You are nuts. Armenian genocide? It fueled the holocaust.
Malakora | 12.06.2018
see, that's just an opinion. An opinion I can actually disprove.
Yozshujin | 15.06.2018
YOU are the worst troll bud, EVERYBODY would have blocked you by now if you weren't a mod. I read about that daily.
Musida | 20.06.2018
Werewolves are bogus. Bigfoot told me this while we rode his flying unicorn.
Jubar | 29.06.2018
Self-serving. You have condemned people because of their skin color.
Malatilar | 09.07.2018
Trump's enemies are the democracies and his friends are the dictatorships.
Vole | 12.07.2018
Yes, I agree with a lot of what you wrote, especially aptly pointing out that calling logic a human "creation" implies a divorce from nature isn't entirely appropriate. After all, we are a species that is nature-itself, evolved. The logical systems we have "devised" are devised by organisms that embody the processes of nature itself. There is definitely a recursiveness at play that ties human logic to (our) nature (which is itself "of" nature, so speak).
Zulurn | 22.07.2018
you know, Hilarius was an actual pope btw
Nelar | 22.07.2018
a human liver, and fava beans,, to be eaten with a nice chainti,,,
Tukora | 24.07.2018
Overall, violent crime has been steadily decreasing since the 1980's.
Voodoole | 04.08.2018
Hey, I am an ex-Democrat and think those things! Can you label me a Conservative??? Please! Please! Please!
Majas | 14.08.2018
No, there is a problem... A problem of the heart.
Shall | 23.08.2018
Can you provide us with a concrete example of where the Bible is vindicated by a 20 year adjustment in carbon dating of a settlement site?
Arashibei | 27.08.2018
Or... when I don't have time to think about it, my impulse is to save as many as I can. ??
Asa Akira lesbian fun
Asa Akira lesbian fun
Asa Akira lesbian fun

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