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Deuce travel time strip

"Well, I'm from group (A) and you should tell us the number of users for that Survey. Also, this is not scientific at all, so don't deceive yourself by this result."

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"I don't have anything to say, other than to make up your damn mind, this church is hot and everyone's almost gone.

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Toshicage | 07.03.2018
I don't drink, so being in a pub around a bunch of drunk folks is probably not my scene.
Visida | 08.03.2018
Lol. You only prove just how uninformed you really are.
Meztigrel | 16.03.2018
Flipped the calendar to June. 6 months till Christmas ............
Goltim | 24.03.2018
Betsy is clearly not ready for MENSA or kindergarten.
Daijind | 26.03.2018
Nah, you've been spotted. Touche!
Kall | 28.03.2018
This is something the religious do too mind, boxing all atheists into a box as if we're all Richard Dawkins. Everyone is guilty of generalising in some way. Everyone here is a hypocrite in some measure.
Tygohn | 03.04.2018
C'mon dont give up too soon!
Kajikasa | 11.04.2018
Just because they say they are Christians doesn't mean they are acting in accordance with Christ.
Jurisar | 19.04.2018
Please tell me you say this long and drawn out like Don Cornelius telling us it's time for another ride on the Soooooouuuuuuuuuuuuullllllllll Train!
Zuluhn | 21.04.2018
But the difference which you aren't getting is those terrorists are following the qu'ran so what those to whom you speak conveniently ignore the fact of qu'ranic encouraged violence. I've already listed but a few.
Maurg | 27.04.2018
Sorry.... That one has gone over the top of head.
Mikagul | 08.05.2018
"No definition of freedom is complete without the freedom to take the consequences" -Lord Havelock Vetinary
Vira | 14.05.2018
Ignorant atheists don?t know the difference between The Law and the law.
Tezragore | 25.05.2018
First, saying one could find the designer for a keyboard is not a lie. Secondly, are you saying you would believe in a designer with no evidence? What kind of designer? A god? Whose? An advanced life form? ET?
Kajilar | 02.06.2018
It makes no sense holding a conversation with a thick-headed anti-Islamist. But nevertheless, you are quite amusing.
Akinosar | 03.06.2018
No, that's not what I asked. I asked how the study of evolution does not fulfil the scientific method because that's what you stated. Where does it break down? You said it, you back it up.
Deuce travel time strip

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