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"It?s a word to the wise. If this subject is too deep for you, just move on."

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Aragal | 01.03.2018
Actually, Al Gore made a statesmanlike concession speech and urged the country to accept the SCOTUS decision.
Sasida | 10.03.2018
Not just me. The majority of experts concur.
Kazitilar | 18.03.2018
From the article
Nakora | 26.03.2018
The question is always "Who broke this?" Now who taught the child that there would be punishment, what the punishment would be and the affects of the punishment on their person? All of these things have to be taken into account when "lying".
Fenritilar | 28.03.2018
I see what you did there.
Nektilar | 30.03.2018
Everybody may glance. The question is - did you stare or look a second time?
Kazilrajas | 01.04.2018
God is also justice. What is hell? You ever seen it?
Taujin | 03.04.2018
Thank you. I'm not sure what happened, but I feel like I was having a nightmare! It's like I was being stalked by a half zombie half raccoon.
Maran | 09.04.2018
So... basically, they'll die at a ripe old age with very expensive private health care , in their sleep, surrounded by expensive trinkets.
Dut | 17.04.2018
Yes, I know. You think im the devil incarnate...thats not the point.
Bang big boob
Bang big boob

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