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Easy viginal penetration

"The boy who cried wolf"

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My scan shows a distinct increase in body temperature, and breathing rate, and your heartbeat is way above safe operating limits.

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Kazralabar | 26.02.2018
Yes, I think that's generally true - they don't evangelize like Christianity. They know the information is out there, with the proliferation of books by the Dalai Lama, a ton of Zen and meditation books, videos, workshops, etc. It's just a matter of who becomes interested enough to read the material and then seek out a teacher or a Buddhist group. Exposure can also come from documentaries and from exposure in school, as in comparative religion studies - or from friends and neighbors who are Buddhist.
Kigarr | 02.03.2018
Don't be silly, wrap your willy!
Arashihn | 11.03.2018
Again, if you have valid scientific evidence that refutes Dr. Hawking, post it. Otherwise you're just another ignorant creationist. Your call.
JoJojind | 12.03.2018
It wasn't written in the stone age.
Meziramar | 15.03.2018
Nope. Jesus said a child would understand. Since when does a child practise
Zugar | 17.03.2018
Yeah, orders from the enemy's headquarters.
Vudozragore | 25.03.2018
No spoiler here, but I'm confident that you'd love The Man in the High Castle, especially the last 2-3 episodes.
Dabei | 02.04.2018
I *am* American.
Kazizragore | 04.04.2018
Then what would it want to pass?
Voodoosar | 12.04.2018
Meh, I was in Paris in the 90's. I didn't see that. ALL the Abrahamic religions are full of folks who want to make people bend their wills and follow the dictates of their flavor of religion. Plenty of the crap we deal with in our nation today is because of the stupidity pushed by Christians who thought they needed to legislate how they believed their "God" would like.
Bracage | 18.04.2018
Really? I point out the ignorance of the OP that said that science has shown that many God's can't exist and you can't see the problem with that statement? My God, are all atheist this dense that they can't see the pure low level of thought as the statement you seem to keep defending? I would hope that you were smarter than that and wouldn't defend that statement.
Vusida | 25.04.2018
No, it was not.
Easy viginal penetration

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