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"So just say "google it" lol. There's no need for banning (or suspending) someone for asking for information."

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Kigara | 02.03.2018
Gore did take the initiative in educating fellow legislators about the potential value of government investment in research and development.
Vigor | 05.03.2018
It?s been a waging war forever. IMO, it boils down to unsecuries on both sides. As a working mom, I was constantly insecure about not being a good enough mom. I?d see other moms with time to hang around drop-off, exchanging crates with stuff for girl scouts, play dates, after school programs, etc. they made cupcakes and threw amazing bday parties. They seemed like superwomen to me! My kids rightfully loved those moms! I felt guilty every single day.
Mijin | 08.03.2018
Most of the media just sucked in this election. Going on and on about how Dougie was going to blow it. At every turn trying to pave the way for an NDP victory.
Vikree | 18.03.2018
Condescending to your level my friend. I am trying everything to break your bubble and bring you out of the cult.
Zulugar | 19.03.2018
"Perhaps this is too simplistic, but I believe many black families are doing a great disservice to their children by not encouraging them more in the education department."
Mazura | 26.03.2018
"If Christianity want to exist in the future it has to follow the moral code of the society it exists in"
Arashibei | 29.03.2018
No. Those stories were covered. These stories were covered. Sounds like you simply resent negative coverage of your preferred party and it?s leader.
Mezikree | 07.04.2018
How could it
Kagagar | 14.04.2018
Then start substantiating your claim that the bible is the word of god
Kajinris | 23.04.2018
Ah yes. It will stand forever. That's why it has never been changed or edited.
Vudorisar | 02.05.2018
Thanks again for proving you are dense and seriously ill
Vuzahn | 04.05.2018
How do you read? I said: "TRUE" to your point... and ON TOP of it, none prophesied anything.
Kazinos | 13.05.2018
To the credit of the many anti-theists on here, it's much easier to just give a one-sentence disparaging remark than actually put some thought into it and give a rational argument to each of those.
Arajin | 20.05.2018
He made a pass at you. I'd hardly equate that to the physical abuse Weinstein et al. subjected so many women to. Simply ignore or reject his advance, and move along. Like you said, you'll never see him again, and him engaging in infidelity behind his wife's back (presumably) is his sin, not yours. For all you know, he and his wife may have an open relationship...Not that I condone that, but it's the reality of modern times.
Akinogor | 25.05.2018
Funny how much of Josephus, Tacitus, the gospels, Paulian letters concerning Jesus we found were forged or corrupted. Worst yet people don't understand how hearsay, about a known religion, doesn't make reports about it- evidence of anything more than just that. Heck, the names of Jesus wern't even mentioned outside Paul or the Gospels for a great long time.... outside the known forgeries of course. Josephus didn't even comment on Jesus's divinity. We are still talking about "evidence" from people two average lifetimes after the events occurred. We have people alive today that are fetishized and claimed to be god. Heck its not even been a single lifetime and look at what scientology has become. Religions existing isn't evidence of them being correct or worthy of belief. People noticing they exist two lifetimes later, again, doesn't amount to much "evidence".
2016110607 tube
2016110607 tube

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